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What is The Vault?


"What's your favorite game of all time?" It might be a cliche question, but it's one that never fails to get gears turning. We all naturally gravitate towards the things that we love, and evangelizing those that we do to others taps into a primal part of the human psyche.

Every gamer has at least one game that means the world to them. Whether they consider it to be objectively the best game they've ever played or the game that they have the fondest memories of (or both), conversations can quickly lead to impassioned gushing and heated debates. Friendships can be made and broken over this topic (at least if you look at most internet comments).

persona3-characters - 2

Discussing, arguing about, and making fun of our favorite games ever is a pretty much constant refrain among the editors here at APG. Given that fact, it seemed like a natural decision to share with you our opinions on the games that deserve to be in that discussion. So we came up with the idea of "The Vault", a repository for articles in which our editors make their case for games that they believe deserve to be considered the best of the best.


The ultimate aim of The Vault is NOT to provide a definitive list of the greatest works of our medium. Such a list is an impossibility, and such an effort would be eternally in vain as the industry is buffeted by a steady stream of wondrous new releases. The ultimate aim of The Vault is, simply, to provide food for thought. It's to give you an excuse to read the excited, impassioned opinion of a fellow gamer, about a game that you may already love or may just now be hearing about. It's to give you a chance to chime in on the discussion and let us know what your favorites are.

In short, it's an excuse to celebrate the games that matter most to us.

(And Persona.)

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