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Unyielding Optimism: The True Definition of a Gamer


What is the true definition of a gamer? With such a plethora of genres, playstyles, skill sets, availability, and cultures, could such a definitive answer be achieved? Well, leave it to me to solve video game’s most heated debate.

I’ve devised a very psychological-esque test that based off your answers to these hard hitting questions should determine if you indeed fit into the true definition category of a gamer. I will do my best as an impartial observer to not define your answers by my own experience and/or environment. Good luck to you.


The Hyper-Extensive Questionnaire to Determine if You’re a Gamer

Please circle your answer

Question #1

Do you play games?                                                                        Yes/No

This completes the Hyper-Extensive Questionnaire to Determine if You’re a Gamer. Please see your results below.

If you circled “Yes” than congratulations, you are a gamer.

If you circled “No” then congratulations, you are not a gamer.

Now I know what some of you must be thinking, “But do you even Dark Souls?” “What about <insert misc. first person shooter here>?” I hear you, how can I not as you shout into my headset, but as an optimist I refuse to allow you to shove me into a sub-category to give your personal taste in video game type credence over another.

I mean, that’s what it is isn’t it - your or my personal taste? You think the wide variety of games is a lot, imagine the complexity of human nature! It’s that variety and complexity that makes video games so great. I truly believe that there is a game out there for everyone. Instead of trying to minimalize someone else’s taste, let’s celebrate the fact that they found something they can enjoy.

For all the reasons I cannot or won’t, I applaud the people who can and do. Video games are designed to entertain and shame on me for belittling someone else’s enjoyment. Oh yes dear reader, I have participated and flung my fair share of PC master race rhetoric, but no more.

I personally cannot not play first person shooters. It’s not that I am bad at them, although I totally am; it’s more along the lines of a physical inability due to motion sickness. Is this where I start railing against the multitudes that only play Battlefield 4? Absolutely not, those gamers are seriously dedicated to their craft. I get far too emotionally upset with perma-death situations, so even though I am a JRPG fan and a tactical wizard, I cannot play the early Fire Emblem games for my own personal mental health. I’ll just watch some playthroughs on YouTube to fill in that particular backlog.

No longer will I look over as someone else’s plate and snub my noise at their choices. Instead I will be grateful for a menu that caters to the desires of a diversity of people.

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