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The Yogg-Saron Nerf Rant


"Bow down before the God of killing itself."

A few hours ago, Blizzard released some nerfs for cards that will be coming in a future update for Hearthstone. For the most part, I agree with what they fixed. Shaman's get hit the most, with Rockbiter going from 1 mana to 2, and Tuskarr Totemic only being able to yield basic totems instead of any totem in the game. Warrior's Execute (thankfully) goes from 1 mana to 2 and Charge will be nerfed into the ground to get rid of OTK (one turn kill) Warrior. The list goes on for a bit, but it's just small changes here and there... until the last alteration. The nerf to my favorite card in the game, Yogg-Saron.

Now for any of you who don't play Hearthstone, Yogg is a 10 cost minion that, when summoned, will play a random spell for every spell you used in the game. So, if I use 8 spells during the course of a game, Yogg will cast 8 when played. The fun of it all comes from the fact that they are random spells with random targets, so there is no telling what the board will look like by the time he finishes his Battlecry. Sometimes he can totally get rid of your opponent's minions, while buffing his attack like crazy, and sometimes he will Pyroblast your own hero two times causing you to lose. He is the embodiment of RNG in Hearthstone, and it's always fun to see him played.

So what does the nerf do to change him? Now, if Yogg happens to kill himself, transform himself, or go back to your hand by the effect of a spell he casted, his Battlecry will end. Currently, even if Yogg disappears off the board, his Battlecry will continue until all the spells he is suppose to cast have been played. This not only takes away a good deal of fun from him, it outright ruins the card and makes him almost unplayable.

As someone who has played Yogg since he was released in Whispers of the Old God's, I can vouch that it's EXTREMELY rare for Yogg to still be on the board after his Battlecry has ended, especially if you play a deck with a lot of spells. There are just so many ways for him to die, and so many spells that do the job well, that you are lucky if he is still there by the end of his chaos. Hell, it's entirely possible the first spell he plays will cause him to die.

Yogg, while used in many fun, RNG decks, is primarily used as a swing card. You play him when you have barely anything on your side of the board and your opponent is stacked, because it increases the chances of you either coming back or evening the playing field. The reason he costs 10 mana is because 1. Blizzard wanted you to use a lot of spells by the time he is played, and 2. Because he really could take a game and reverse who is winning and losing, or outright kill a player with his Battlecry.

So this brings up the question... who, after the nerf, would ever run a 10 mana RNG card that could potentially do nothing after the first spell he plays? No one. Hell, I don't even think I would keep him in my deck, as he will most likely be more useless than useful. In fact, he will soon be the only minion in the game that can kill ITSELF due to it's own Battlecry. You know who would play any card, regardless of mana cost, that has a good chance of killing themselves? No one. Why Blizzard... why?

In the end though, it's their reasoning for the nerf that makes me the angriest, as there is a much more simple solution to the problem than outright ruining Yogg. Blizzard's reasoning is they are tired of seeing the card in tournaments and hope this nerf will lessen the amount of time it appears in one. Wh... what? For such a simple reason as that, why would you just not ban the card from tournaments?? "Hey, you want to play? Make sure Yogg isn't in your deck or you are disqualified." It's as simple as that. Destroying any playablility Yogg had was the absolute wrong approach to not wanting massive RNG in your tournaments.

Is it fun to lose a match you've been playing for a while all to a chaos spewing card like Yogg? Most of the time, no. But that's what Hearthstone is, a pretty deep card game littered with random elements so no game is decided at the very begging. Why don't we make the Mad Bombers target themselves? Why don't Boombot's Deathrattles hit your minions as well? I understand some players want a more serious game, like Magic, but RNG is what makes Hearthstone so fun. And absolutely killing on of the best random cards in the game really will hurt the fun I have once this patch goes live.

(Source: Blizzard)

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