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Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta Launches October 27

Overwatch, Blizzard's attempt to diversify the MOBA genre, will soon be playable by a select number of people in the upcoming closed beta, which begins on October 27.


Warlords of Draenor: Editorial

Every few years I get it in my head that I want to take the family to an amusement park, a park designed for amusement. The hype and excitement begins to mount as we sit down to decide what rides we want to experience in what order, the foods we want to eat, and the attractions we want to see. We go to the store to purchase the necessities we forgot last trip such as bug spray and sun block. The tension mounts as we get in the car, and we are all anxiously bouncing with excitement as we present our ticket and enter the park that is full of lights and music fighting to gain our attention. Then the thought crosses my mind, “Yeah, this was a good idea.” We approach the inaugural ride and as I stare at the line that stands between me and fun populated with BO laden mouth breathers and I think, “Oh yeah, what in the world was I thinking?”