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For Honor Review // For Honor, Glory, and Mediocrity

It is rare to see such a large studio with so many established AAA IP's take a shot on a brand new IP and concept... unless that studio is Ubisoft. Ubisoft is one of the few studios that still likes to try out a new IP virtually every year. For Honor is a very interesting game; its core concept is so strong, and when it puts you in certain situations it is truly a new exciting combat system that I've never seen; however, most of the time the game doesn't put you in those situations and ends up in the areas of mediocrity far too often.


Ubisoft’s For Honor combines fighting game-style duels with multiplayer shooter reward loops

In a new video walkthrough by the team at Ubisoft Montreal, players can see a breakdown of the game's unique melee combat system and a taste of the shooter-style rewards and killstreaks.