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Unyielding Optimism: Power On!

Disney recently announced the discontinuation of their Disney Infinity toy line as well as support for the accompanying video game. This is sad news that has left a hole in the interactive toy-to-video game genre, but it’s not the first to go away. And no I am not referencing the hardly noticeable quick cash ins like the short lived TMNT attempt, but I’m talking about the glory of the 80’s interactive toy to video game titan Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future!


Unyielding Optimism: Nintendo

I'll admit it: as a long time Nintendo fan, it is getting increasingly hard to support the seemingly out of touch company. Every day it seems like more bad news comes out of Nintendo. This year's Wii U and 3DS lineup was already thin, but with the recent announcement that Zelda Wii U was being pushed into 2017 and being simultaneously released on the NX,  it seems the Wii U's days are numbered. In addition to that disappointing piece of news, Nintendo also confirmed it would only be bringing that ONE game to the biggest gaming convention of the year: E3. It also confirmed that the NX would not be at the show.

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Unyielding Optimism: The Five Nights At Freddy’s Series

Very few indie games take the internet by storm. Even fewer, keep that storm raging over the course of eleven months. Love the series, or hate it, there is no denying how effectively Five Nights At Freddy's stayed on the minds of gamers from all over the world, whether it be from it's constantly evolving gameplay, to it's intriguing and cryptic narrative. While some criticisms of the series I can understand, I believe through and through, the series gets more hatred than it deserves.


Unyielding Optimism: Do Cross Microsoft

I had the privilege of being a teenager and a fan of professional wresting during the late 90’s. For those who aren’t in the know, understand that the late 90’s were the golden age of pro wrestling for one simple reason: competition.  The pro wrestling mega giant WWF had been the industry standard for over a decade, but with the financial backing and competitive drive of Ted Turner, WCW rose up to challenge and, for a time, overcame the once undefeatable WWF.


Unyielding Optimism: The True Definition of a Gamer

What is the true definition of a gamer? With such a plethora of genres, playstyles, skill sets, availability, and cultures, could such a definitive answer be achieved? Well, leave it to me to solve video game’s most heated debate.

I’ve devised a very psychological-esque test that based off your answers to these hard hitting questions should determine if you indeed fit into the true definition category of a gamer. I will do my best as an impartial observer to not define your answers by my own experience and/or environment. Good luck to you.