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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remaster Review // A Not So Super Remaster

It has been almost 10 years since Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was released to rather favorable reception, the game took the best parts of the X-Men: Legends series and expanded the characters and story to include the rest of the Marvel Universe. Now the game has been ported to PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam release), so does the game hold up years later? Sort of.


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance opens with the nefarious Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil attacking a SHIELD Helicarrier for reasons we learn later. Soon after players are hopping between many well-known locales such as Atlantis, Mephisto's Realm, and even Asgard. The story is separated into five acts that as a whole feel like an entire Marvel comic book crossover event. From start to finish I was eager to know where my next mission would take me. As you visit different areas in the game you'll meet a wide array of Marvel characters such as Weasel, Wyatt Wingfoot, Wong, and even Uatu. Of course, you'll also bump into a good number of Marvel villains some well known and some rather obscure (Fin Fang Foom fans holla!).

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