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A Hunter’s Dream // How to get the most out of Bloodborne’s starting weapons

When you awake bleary-eyed from dreams of fire, blood, and malformed faces only to find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings lying upon a sterile medical table, it’s only natural to feel out of your element. Once you’ve been savaged by werewolves, giants, and pitchfork-wielding maniacs after taking to the streets, you’ll feel out of your depth.


Prey Slaughtered // A Hunter Must Hunt

Like many PlayStation 4 owners, I have been completely obsessed with From Software's Bloodborne since its March 24th release. I am a "Souls" virgin, meaning I have never played either of the Dark Souls games. I played a little of Demon's Souls and absolutely hated it at the time. As someone who tries to actively keep on top of all of the latest and greatest games in the industry, missing this crucial output from From Software has always stung.