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PSA: Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Free To Play On Xbox One And PC This Weekend

If you have been itching to try the new Rainbow Six game, but don't know if it's worth a purchase, this is your weekend to find out.


Rainbow Six Siege Readies Itself For A October Release

Ubisoft has announced when Rainbow Six: Siege will be available worldwide.


Rainbow Six: Siege Returns After Nine Month Absence

Rainbow Six: Siege made a triumphant debut at E3 2014 as an innovative new multiplayer shooter, but immediately went dark after its reveal. After nine months, the game has finally returned with a new closed alpha.

Rainbow Six: Siege is a game focused heavily on multiplayer strategy, and the new Operator class system emphasizes these elements. Each operator has a pre-determined load out, rather than allowing you to customize your own, and limits the number of siege weapons you can bring into battle. The game will ship with 20 of these classes, but the closed alpha only has 10. The opposing team has a counter for all of your operators as well, making for a very balanced and rewarding system.

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“Rainbow Six: Patriots” is now “Rainbow Six: Siege”

The mysterious disappearance of "Rainbow Six: Patriots" has been all but explained after Ubisoft announced the newly titled "Rainbow Six: Siege" at E3 this week.  No one is quite sure what happened with "Patriots", but the new game seems to be more focused on multiplayer, though a single player campaign definitely does exist.

The pre-alpha footage trailer showed an intense hostage situation match wherein one team tries to capture the hostage from the other team.  Violent, bloody action is on display here; complete with door, window, and wall breaches, firefights, tactical focus, and a vulnerable hostage.  The completely destructible home in which the 5-v-5 match took place is small and, thus, perfect for the inevitable chaos that will take over when plans go astray.  The trailer shows this vividly when an unexpected ambush takes place on a stairway as the team tries to move the hostage down the stairs.  Confusion and lots and lots of bullets erupted in seconds.

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