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A Fight To Remember: Father Gascoigne

Even though I've conquered every boss Bloodborne had to offer, nothing left me with more of an impression than the glorious fight versus Father Gascoigne.


The “Overrated” Rant

It's rare for me to find a word that I actively dislike, and even more rare to find a word that constantly gets under my skin. I try my best to ignore it, or at least understand where people are coming from but there is one word I cannot stand. Overrated. A common word used to describe everything from movies, to books, to television shows, to video games. In fact, video games are what I see people most using this word on.


Ian’s Top 5 Most Disappointing Games

As I went through some of the earlier episodes of the Ultimaximum Overdrive podcast, the list the group did during the second episode really got me thinking. The list in question was top five disappointing games and as I sat there and listened to them rattle off names like Assassin's Creed 3 and Spore, it made me start to wonder what my entries in the list would be. After some time thinking, I finally narrowed it down to five games.