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Nioh’s Intro Movie Is Beautiful and Insane

Enjoy the intro to Team Ninja's lavish new action/RPG a day before release.


The Best Games With Multiple Character Perspectives

Most games tend to follow a linear narrative that unfolds from the perspective of a single protagonist. Once in a great while, more ambitious developers will attempt to weave together a narrative by spreading the threads out across multiple perspectives. Seeing the action play out from multiple pairs of eyes can add a fascinating layer of complexity to a story, as these 7 games demonstrate better than any to have come before or since.


Top 10 CG Intros

I recently replayed Capcom’s incredible Onimusha trilogy for the PS2 (we’ll pretend that Dawn of Dreams never happened) and their stunningly rendered CG introductions inspired me to dig deep and present to you a list of what I believe are the 10 greatest CG introductions to any games yet made.

When limiting the selections to just 10 entries, naturally some of my favorites were left on the cutting room floor (like the incredible intros for Final Fantasy XII and nearly every single Kingdom Hearts game), but I hope this list accurately conveys some of the videogame industry’s finest CG work and perhaps even inspires you to try some games you haven’t played before.

Thanks for looking and don't be afraid to let us know what your favorite CG Intros are in the comments below.