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You Should Be Watching Monster Hunter Generations’ E3 Trailer and over 15 minutes of Gameplay

Capcom shows off the latest in its popular, tough-as-nails monster slaying series.


Prey Slaughtered // A Hunter Must Hunt

Like many PlayStation 4 owners, I have been completely obsessed with From Software's Bloodborne since its March 24th release. I am a "Souls" virgin, meaning I have never played either of the Dark Souls games. I played a little of Demon's Souls and absolutely hated it at the time. As someone who tries to actively keep on top of all of the latest and greatest games in the industry, missing this crucial output from From Software has always stung.


Jan. 14 Nintendo Direct Recap

Today's Nintendo Direct was focused almost entirely on the 3DS and the recently announced New 3DS XL. The New 3DS XL now has a confirmed release date of February 13 and has a suggested retail price of $199.99. A Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Bundle and Majora's Mask edition were also announced. Both of these will release on February 13 and both will have specially designed skins that represent their game. The Majora's Mask edition does not include the game. The Monster Hunter Bundle will be $229.99 and is exclusive to Gamestop. The Majora's Mask edition will be the standard $199.99 and is already sold out on The New 3DS XL will have built in Amiibo support, Face Tracking 3D, a faster processor, a built in "c-stick," auto brightness adjustment, and will play exclusive games. A remake of Xenoblade Chronicles, handled my Monster Games (Donkey Kong Country 3D), is the only known New 3DS exclusive title. No smaller model of the New 3DS was confirmed for North American release.