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First Times: Mass Effect Trilogy

It's been awhile since I started another "First Times" and this one, was in the works for quite some time. You might remember my first entry being on Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 1 which I enjoyed quite a bit or maybe you jumped in when I played through the main entries in the Metal Gear Solid series leading up to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

I know the Mass Effect series is a beloved one by many, including a few writers here at APG, but I never really understood why. I figured out rather quickly why people were crazy for Kojima's series and while The Walking Dead didn't grant me some level of understanding, I at least knocked a game off my immeasurable backlog. So with me tackling on this series, I can rightfully knock off three games.

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In Defense of a Choice-Driven Ending

The beginning and ending of a story are often considered the most important parts. The beginning needs to be gripping and captivating, while the end must wrap up the tale and leave the audience satisfied. Despite their importance, storytellers often have difficulty properly executing an introduction and even more difficulty wrapping up a story. Video games are no exception to this. In fact, due to the nature of choice in games, writers often have more trouble satisfying an audience. Many complain that the choices they make don't matter in the end or that the final choices aren't properly explained/fleshed out. Two games that seem to take more than there fair share of criticism in this regard are Mass Effect 3 and the recently released Life is Strange.


Look Back: Mass Effect 3

This is it. The Reapers are here. They are knocking on the door, and the Galaxy is actaully at war. Ever since the beginning, Bioware has said that Mass Effect 3 will be a giant war between the Reapers and everyone else in the Galaxy. Mass Effect delivers this war in an incredibly emotional, action packed and complete experience. All of the questions you have left, all of the epic fights you have been waiting for come alive here. This is the End of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 3.