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For Honor Review // For Honor, Glory, and Mediocrity

It is rare to see such a large studio with so many established AAA IP's take a shot on a brand new IP and concept... unless that studio is Ubisoft. Ubisoft is one of the few studios that still likes to try out a new IP virtually every year. For Honor is a very interesting game; its core concept is so strong, and when it puts you in certain situations it is truly a new exciting combat system that I've never seen; however, most of the time the game doesn't put you in those situations and ends up in the areas of mediocrity far too often.


Get Ready for E3 2016!

E3 2016 is a little less than a week away and it's basically gamer Christmas. E3 is the biggest event of the year, where investors, developers, publishers, and especially fans gather to see the best and brightest of the coming years. We at APG are here to get you ready for all of the upcoming press conferences and game announcements. So much has already been confirmed and so much will surely come out of the show, so stay tuned to APG all week starting Sunday, June 12, for all of the latest and greatest news.

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Ubisoft Confirms No Assassin’s Creed Game Will Release In 2016

A big change for the franchise, but one gamers have been begging to happen.