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Why I’m Thankful To Be A Gamer

Thanksgiving is a truly magical time. Turkey and stuffing stack up on plates, pies await already-full stomachs, families reunite to watch football and parades together. As I reminisce on what I'm thankful for this holiday, I find now more than ever that I am thankful to be a gamer.


Unyielding Optimism: The True Definition of a Gamer

What is the true definition of a gamer? With such a plethora of genres, playstyles, skill sets, availability, and cultures, could such a definitive answer be achieved? Well, leave it to me to solve video game’s most heated debate.

I’ve devised a very psychological-esque test that based off your answers to these hard hitting questions should determine if you indeed fit into the true definition category of a gamer. I will do my best as an impartial observer to not define your answers by my own experience and/or environment. Good luck to you.