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Music Monday: Final Fantasy X

Music is all around us; we hear it on TV, in movies, on the radio as we drive to school or work, and even in the sounds of nature. Music impacts us and it shapes us. Music can be an escape from the harsh realities of life. Music is emotional, raw, energetic, but most importantly, music is powerful. Music is used to set a mood, to influence our emotions, and to truly bring us into the lives of others. Video Game music does this in a way that fully captures our emotions and invests us in the plight of our characters. In a game, Music is as vital as the visuals themselves, and while we may not always notice it when it’s there, we feel the loss of it when it’s gone.

Music Monday is my attempt to share the wonderful game soundtracks that have moved me or impacted me. Music Monday is my attempt to shine a light on some of the best musical compositions in all of gaming. Not only is it to highlight soundtracks and individual songs, but also gamer renditions of these classics. Artist’s like Mega Ran, Smooth McGroove, Lindsay Stirling, and so many more that have taken it upon themselves to reimagine these beautiful pieces and share them with the world. Music Monday is a celebration of the music that has impacted gamers for decades, and will continue to impact them forever. I’m not a musician and thusly can’t talk about all the intricate aspects of these songs and their composition, but I can discuss the songs that left an impact on me.


The Best Cover Art of 2014

Not nearly enough attention is paid to good cover art, on both the publisher and the consumer side. Like with films or novels, good cover design should cast an artful eye towards conveying the contents of the game in an eye-catching way. As a collector, good cover art matters to me. It's something that can get me interested in a disc-based game, tipping me into a buying decision. It's something that I value years later when I peruse my collection, feeling the warm rush of nostalgia wash over me and reminding me of everything I loved about a game.

In a sea of mediocre (or worse) cover art, good cover design matters and it should be celebrated! Here is a look at 10 of the finest cover designs 2014 has had to offer!