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Final Fantasy XIV Is Getting A Huge Content Update With “The Far Edge of Fate”

Fans of Square Enix's outstanding MMO won't have to wait until this Summer's Stormblood expansion to dive into something new.


Final Fantasy XIV Dreams of Ice Review

Final Fantasy 14 delivers again with Dreams of Ice, and the adventurers of Eorzea will find themselves with plenty to do while they wait for more news on the recently announced Heavensward.


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice

Although patch 2.4 is titled Dreams of Ice and will focus around fan favorite and series staple Shiva, the patch might as well be called Flood of Ninjas. But to simply confine the patch to no more than adding a new class and job is unfair. For those who can break away from the cloak and dagger can look forward to new mainline and side quests, treasure hunt items, housing options, dungeons, and The Final Coil of Bahamut. For a full listing of the patch notes you can go here...

The game is currently unavailable due to maintenance and the full patch will not be ready for play until later on the 28th. In the meantime you can bide your time by watching the trailer for Heavensward over and over again. I know I will.

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