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New Dev Update for Psychonauts 2 hints at Psychonauts HQ

New art test footage shows a confident and imaginative sequel to a true cult classic.


Help Us Fund A Rock Band 4 PC Port, Says Harmonix

The studio turns to crowdfunding in an attempt to bring their game to PC.

Harmonix has launched their campaign on Fig, with a goal of $1.5 million. The PC version is purposed to have all the content from the console versions, plus the return of Rock Band Network and user-generated content. The new version would include 65 songs, with 33 locked behind backer tiers. There is currently 1,700 downloadable songs that would be available.

What's interesting about all of this, is last year Harmonix discussed how it was reserved about making a PC port due to security concerns. See, open platforms like the PC require extra protection so licenced music can't be stolen. Consoles don't have that problem, because they have those security features already programmed in.

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Crowdfunding Has Begun For Jay And Silent Bob’s New Game

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are teaming up with developer Interbang for the project.