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Overwatch Review // Blizzard Branches Out

Very few developers can generate the sort of buzz that lights the world on fire. In a world where we are overwhelmed with entertainment options, letting people know about your game is difficult enough, much less getting them excited for it. One developer that seems to be the constant exception is Blizzard Entertainment. Every game they promote seems to catch on like wildfire. Blizzard has a pedigree of continuously releasing amazing titles, from World of Warcraft to Starcraft to Hearthstone. Blizzard games always have a tremendous amount of love, care, and polish. They all have that magical Blizzard touch that pushes them above all other games in their respective genres. As expected, Overwatch is no exception.

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Battleborn’s Post-Launch Content Revealed

Gearbox Studios has opened up about what we can see from the game after it launches on May 3.


Battleborn Has Been Delayed

Gearbox and 2K have pushed back Battleborn's release date, though only by a few months.


Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta Launches October 27

Overwatch, Blizzard's attempt to diversify the MOBA genre, will soon be playable by a select number of people in the upcoming closed beta, which begins on October 27.


Battleborn Gets An Early E3 Trailer, Wants To Make You A Badass

Fight as a variety of warriors this winter.


New Gearbox IP “Battleborn” Announced

After the raving success of Borderlands over the past few years, Gearbox has become a studio that is truly a contender.  Not straying too far from what made Borderlands so fun, Gearbox has announced a new IP called "Battleborn".  With its striking, cartoonish graphics and its focus on multiplayer, it's obvious that the studio knows its strengths and wants to capitalize on them.

Being created exclusively for the new generation (Xbox One, PS4, and PC), "Battleborn" is another hybrid game that focuses on mixing co-operative multiplayer with competitive multiplayer, though there will be a campaign, too.  If that sounds intriguing, you aren't alone in that.  Though the details are scarce right now, it appears that there will be several characters to play as, and these characters will be put into an environment of fast leveling and hack 'n slash/first person shooter in the context of an arena shooter.  The characters will be wildly different, and they will control in completely unique ways, as if they were from totally different games.  It's a interesting idea that I think could be a real blast.

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