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The Arkham Knight Rant

Batman: Arkham Knight will always be a very divisive game. Since it's release, I've noticed that many people fall into the "love it" or "hate it" camps, with few falling somewhere in the middle. As for me, I liked the game, but it certainly felt like the weakest of the core trilogy. Oh and, spoilers for Arkham Knight ahead, if there is anyone out there who still hasn't gotten their hands on it yet.


DLC Review Roundup // Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Rise of the Tomb Raider

The past couple of months have seen a large chunk of story DLC hit for a variety of AAA games. Here's a look at three of the biggest, for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Read on to find out if they are worth your time.


Final Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Arrives Tuesday

The last piece of DLC comes with four new villains and a new costume to brood in.


Arkham Knight on PC Still Needs A Few More Weeks

The PC port of the Bat's final chapter isn't as Rocksteady as we'd hoped.


The Best Games of 2015 So Far

We're a little over half way through the year and it's easy to see that 2015 is shaping up to be one of the best years gaming has seen in a long time. Amidst declarations against remasters and some disrespectfully bug-laden launches (Assassin's Creed Unity on every platform it touched), 2014 was certainly a hard year for a lot of people to get through.

With a new year comes renewed promise, and the first half of 2015 has seen a landslide of wonderful gaming experiences. On top of that, with games like Fallout 4, Mad Max, Star Fox Zero, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Transformers: Devastation releasing in the months ahead (as well as many others), it's clear that this is the year that many of us have been waiting for.

It's an exciting time to be playing and enjoying videogames. Without further ado, here are the 9 games that have best defined 2015 so far (in order of release). Agree or disagree, we'd love to see your opinion in the comments below!


WB Games Clears The Air About Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season Pass, Shows Batgirl

Earlier this week the internet let out a collective groan when Warner Bros. Interactive announced that the hotly-anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight would be getting a $40 Season Pass. WB Games was somewhat vague about specifics regarding the Season Pass, which caused the internet's trademark cynicism to take hold as people assumed that WB Games and Rocksteady had become corrupted monoliths and sensationalist news articles from various outlets theorized that the team was chopping Arkham Knight into little pieces and withholding content from gamers until they paid nearly double its standard retail price.

In response to these accusations WB Games has released some concrete information about the Season Pass, smartly allowing gamers to make an educated, informed decision about whether or not it will be a worthwhile investment for their money. You can find more information below!


New Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight Unveils Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, and Azrael

Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight today, titled "All Who Follow You". The trailer reveals new character designs for Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, and Azrael, as well was what looks like a new tag-team mechanic during combat, in which Batman can team up with his allies for unique moves. There is no word yet as to whether or not any of these characters will be playable during the story, but it seems a likely conclusion. You can find the trailer below. Batman: Arkham Knight will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC June 23.


Batman: Arkham Knight Gets M Rating; New Trailer Featuring Scarecrow

Batman has always been dark, but the new trailer and "M" rating from the ESRB may hint at an even darker tale for the Dark Knight.