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Ultimaximum Overdrive Ep. 14- One Last Doot Before We Fade Away

This week on APG's Ultimaximim Overdrive Podcast, Austin Bascle, Shelby Walles, and Brent Townend discuss their weeks in review, as well as recent video game news. After the news Shelby lists the new releases of the week, and after the break the gang is joined by podcast regular Symmion Moore as we discuss our Top 5 Video Game Moments of 2015.


Ultimaximum Overdrive Ep. 13- Sym’s Back From The Basement

This week on a (shorter than usual) episode of APG's Ultimaximum Overdrive Podcast, the guys discuss the PlayStation Experience, as well as The Game Awards. They also discuss other news from this week, such as PS2 emulation on PS4 and the Konami/Kojima scandal.

After the news they discuss the new releases of the week, and finish the show with the Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks of 2015

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APG: Let’s Watch The PSX 2015 Keynote Together (Podcast)

PlayStation Experience 2015 has finally begun, and APG employees Symmion Moore and Shelby Walles were able to free up some time and watch the keynote together live! Listen to the podcast below to hear their reactions to some of their favorite (or least favorite) moments from the PSX 2015 keynote. We also attempted to give the viewer a chance to sync with us at the beginning of the conference, just in case they'd like to watch along with us.


Ultimaximum Overdrive Ep. 12- The Out Of Context Long Play

This week on the Ultimaximum Overdrive Podcast, we're running with a three man crew. In this episode Louis, Brent, and myself discuss our weeks, what we did for Thanksgiving, the lack of any sort of video game news this week, all the hot new upcoming releases and our Top 5 Male Characters in gaming. We hope you enjoy the episode!


We’ve Launched a Kickstarter and We Need Your Help

Hello all! We just launched a Kickstarter in an effort to grow our website, expand our resources, and maybe, with a little luck and your support, not only be able to produce even more writing (and way more video!) content, but even possibly start getting paid for the hundreds of hours we've collectively poured in to this passion project so far.


APG Community Survey

Here at APG we not only strive to bring you the most up-to-date information in gaming, but we also seek to entertain with a sincerity that does not place one platform or opinion above another. We have a plethora of plans and goals we can’t wait to implement to make the experience one of the best on the internet, but before we launch too far into the deep we would like to hear from our community on our current status. What are we doing that you thumbs up and what do we do that you wish you could thumbs down? At APG we want to be a site for the community and engage your thoughts and opinions so feel free to let us know how we’re doing. Just remember, no flames just games.

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