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Pokemon Go will Consume Your Life by the End of the Summer


Nintendo's hotly anticipated mobile game, Pokemon Go, should be coming to your phones by the end of July.

Pokemon Go is a real life game in which you find Pokemon out in the real world, catch them, and then use them to battle gyms and other trainers. During a livestream Q&A this morning with the developers at Pokemon Company, Niantic, and Shigeru Miyamoto himself, Nintendo revealed that the game, along with Pokemon Go Plus, would be arriving by the end of July.

Pokemon Go Plus is a seperate device that is compatible with Pokemon Go. It will cost $34.99 and will alert you when Pokemon are nearby and then allow you to catch them with a push of a button. The LED lights will light up rainbow colored if you succeed and red if you fail. Miyamoto also mentioned "additional functions" for the Pokemon Go Plus device, but did not elaborate at all on them. Nintendo hopes to link Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sun & Moon in some capacity in the future. The Plus will be releasing at the end of July, and Nintendo hinted that it would come out AFTER the game releases. The release details were vague, but we should have the game in out hands soon.

Series Composer Junichi Masuda will be coming back to compose the music, which he wanted to be more upbeat to encourage people to walk faster, which he said was healthier for people.

The game is undergoing a closed beta right now, which Nintendo showed some footage of during the Q&A.

My Two Cents: 

The $34.99 price point is crazy for this device. It doesn't do enough to justify that price point. The game is free to play and you can play it with a variety of mobile devices, so adding on this extra thing at that price seems excessive and unnecessary. I do want to see what these "additional functions" may be, but I doubt Nintendo can sell me on this device. I am super excited for the game though. Everything looks promising and I can't wait to catch Pokemon out in my town and battle other trainers playing as well. I'm also not a huge fan of the vague release plans,; I wish we would have gotten a solid date, but knowing the game should be out in about a month is super exciting. 

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