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Nintendo Switch Lands March 3 at $299


During Nintendo's Switch Press Event, they announced both release date and pricing for their new home/mobile console hybrid. The system will release worldwide on March 3, 2017 and will cost you $299.99 USD.

This price point makes the Nintendo Switch competitive with the Xbox One and PS4. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 Slim both retail for $299.99 for a 500 Gb version. Prices increase depending on model and hard drive size. Whether the storage on the Switch is an internal hard drive or external SD is still unknown.

The Switch will be available with multi-color joy-con controllers (the small individual controllers the attach to the screen) or the standard gray joy-cons. These two bundles will cost the same and all other components are the same.

Additional accessories can be purchased for the following prices:

  • One Joy-Con controller: $49.99
  • Two Joy-Con controllers: $79.99
  • A Switch Pro controller:$69.99
  • Joy-Con charging station: $29.99
  • Nintendo Switch Dock Set: $89.99
  • Joy-Con Wheel: $14.99

You can watch all of the conference here (begins at 33 minutes).

My Two Cents: 

The pricing on the Switch is exactly what I expected it to be, so I'm quite pleased with that. The release date is also very nice, even though its in the middle of a ton of huge releases. The only thing that gives me pause here is the accessory pricing. Hopefully the Joy-Con's are durable and rarely need to be replaced, but $80 is a lot to ask for two very small controllers. It's also not completely clear how the Joy-Con's charge, but I hope that charging station isn't mandatory. Otherwise, I'm very excited for the potential of the Nintendo Switch. 

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