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First Times: The Walking Dead Season 1


As the title suggest this will be my first time playing through season 1 of The Walking Dead. So I figured why not write about them as I finish each episode.

Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season One is regarded as one of the best games of 2012 due to its gripping storytelling and emotional weight and consequences. I always wanted to play through the game but I could not bring myself to spend almost $20 on a point-and-click game I may or may not like.

Thankfully in this past Flash Sale on the PlayStation Network the first season was on sale for less than $5 so I grabbed that and a bunch of other games, I'm so sorry backlog.

I decided to start this series "First Times" as a way to not only start a game I've never played before, but as a way to update people on my adventure throughout the games I choose to focus on.

NOTE: There will without a doubt be spoilers for this game, if you have not played the game you shouldn't be reading this!!! I warned you.

Episode 1: A New Day

I will likely be skipping/cutting ahead to major points because this isn't a review, this is my experience with certain events and some characters.

The game started off in a somewhat good way. I was introduced to Lee Everett who is being taken to a trial I think it was and then there was the police officer who kept on yapping about his experience with other convicts the right word? Criminals? Non-law abiding citizens how about that. Anyways it wasn't long before the driver hit a zombie (eyes on the road dude) and I had to defend myself from the now zombie police officer.

I've never played a point and click game before, okay maybe I have with Freddie Fish and Pajama Sam, but The Walking Dead has these moments where I'm having to move the cursor with the right stick and then hit X at a moving target, I died the first time and still trying to understand it.

Fastforward a bit and I'm inside a house listening to these voicemails from the family who own the house. The husband and wife are in Savannah leaving their daughter, Clementine, under the protection of the babysitter Sandra. Of course when I got in the house it was a mess and there was blood, I assume Sandra's, all over the kitchen. Looking around the kitchen I stumbled upon a walkie talkie which is where I first encountered Clementine who is hiding from the zombies by hiding in her treehouse, smart girl. Of course, I get attacked by another zombie but this time I wasn't alone, Clementine rushed out the tree house and handed me a hammer which ended the zombie.


I don't exactly remember all the dialogue with Clementine throughout the first episode but I know that telling her that her parents are dead was not on my agenda. If there is anything that has given her a drive to stay alive it's her will to find her parents and I feel that by telling her the truth will destroy her and whatever kind of bond me and her have thus far in the game.

I'm just going to skip ahead to the first big decision.

On the farmhouse when Duck and Shawn were being attacked I had to choose who to save. With such limited time I had to think fast. Do I go for Shawn, the guy who helped me get out of that zombie infested neighborhood? Or do I save Duck, the child from the family I just met? I hesitated and chose Duck. I don't know and now that I'm thinking about it I kind of regret it. As soon as I freed Duck his father came and ran off with him, would he have come to his rescue if I had picked Shawn instead? I can't see children die, I don't want their parents to see it either. It was a tough decision which made Hershel hate me, but I guess you can't save them all.

Me(Lee), Clementine, Kenny, Duck and Katjaa headed to Macon where Lee's family lives.

I felt that the initial introduction to the characters(the whole argument over Duck being bitten or not) was an easy way to introduce the characters and see how they stand on certain issues which was further developed later when I talked to them individually. You've got Larry and Lilly, a father with heart problems and his daughter who tends to side with him more than anything. I don't like Larry at all, don't know about Lilly. Then you have Doug who is...yeah some tech guy. I don't know. Carley is a reporter and then we have Glenn who is looking for his friends.


During the whole meet and greet with the group at Macon, Larry needed some pills to help out with his heart condition, wouldn't you know it the door where the medicine is happens to be locked so I needed to find the keys.

I learned that the pharmacy the group is held up in belongs to Lee's parents who are now dead. It was a touching moment when going into the office and seeing Lee look at the photo of them, only to rip the part of the photo with him in it. Carley ruined the moment when she realized who Lee really is but it also let me know why he has grown apart from his family. The interactions between Lee and Clementine are great so far, I know so little about this girl and yet I feel as though she trusts me. Seeing Lee take care of her(bandaging her finger and giving her an energy bar) both put a smile on my face.

Cutting ahead a bit and I'm at the motel with Carley and Glenn trying to rescue a woman trapped inside. I successfully eliminated the zombies but when the woman appeared she was bitten and wanted to kill herself. She either wanted Carley to do it or for Carley to give her the gun so she could kill herself. I wanted to help her, maybe she would have turned but I still wanted to give it a chance and help. But I couldn't, she managed to grab hold of the gun and killed herself before I could intervene.

That's two deaths so far, I can't save them all but I have to try.

Those keys I mentioned earlier were on Lee's brother who happened to be a zombie. Telltale didn't have to throw out a dialogue option for this moment but I'm not mad they did. Hearing Lee thank his brother for attempting to save his mom and dad, it was nice.

I got the pills but it set off an alarm and now the zombies were attempting to get into the pharmacy. Now the next major choice appeared, Carley or Doug. Up to this point Doug hasn't really done anything worthwhile or shown off any good skills he has besides knowing all the codes for a universal TV remote. Carley on the other hand has a gun and knows how to use. I don't regret saving Carley, I like her but I don't know if she trusts me yet.

Ditching the pharmacy we arrived back at the motel and Glenn decides that he needs to go off on his own to search for his friends. I didn't want him to leave but, you gotta do what you gotta do. Everyone else is just minding their own business, Carley thanks me for saving her and Larry yells at me to stay away from Lilly. Just die Larry, I wish I didn't have to get those pills. Clementine seems to be doing.


The lights at the motel go out and then the words "TO BE CONTINUED" appeared on screen.

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