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First Times: Mass Effect Trilogy


It's been awhile since I started another "First Times" and this one, was in the works for quite some time. You might remember my first entry being on Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 1 which I enjoyed quite a bit or maybe you jumped in when I played through the main entries in the Metal Gear Solid series leading up to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

I know the Mass Effect series is a beloved one by many, including a few writers here at APG, but I never really understood why. I figured out rather quickly why people were crazy for Kojima's series and while The Walking Dead didn't grant me some level of understanding, I at least knocked a game off my immeasurable backlog. So with me tackling on this series, I can rightfully knock off three games.

(Note: My part on the first game will most likely be shorter due to me being an idiot and not writing this a year ago after I completed it.)

Remember, this is not a review and there will most likely be spoilers.


I came into this series pretty late but somehow managed to avoid being spoiled. I stuck with the preset facial options and name for Commander Shepard, he was a dude, it was not until Mass Effect 2 that I was told female Shepard is canon. Picking the Vanguard class I got cool Force powers.

Kaiden sucks, I romanced Ashley but not before I convinced her to stop being a xenophobic idiot, Garrus is a badass Turian, Wrex reminded me of Rhino from Spider-Man, Tali reminded me of Mysterio from Spider-Man, and Liara is definitely a character I used maybe once. Jokes aside, I enjoyed the cast with diverse backgrounds instead of having a party that was solely members of the Alliance.

My mind is sparse on the plot but I do remember some bits and pieces along with a few choices I made along the way.


I thought the fight with Benezia, while frustrating, was interesting to see how Liara reacted to fighting her mother and learning she was being controlled by Sovereign.

I did not kill Urdnot Wrex, it did not seem like a smart thing to do. I cannot say the same for Kaiden though, just one of the many casualties of war I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I saved the Rachni Queen which saved their race as they went to another planet. I convinced Saren to rebel against Sovereign which worked, until Sovereign said "lol nope" and possessed him for a underwhelming final boss. Saved the council, saved the galaxy.

I know I missed a bunch of things but trying to remember a game I played last year is difficult, especially one with a lot of choices that can shape the outcome.

The Mako sucks.

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