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First Three Fallout 4 DLC Packs Revealed


More content is coming to the already expansive game.

The first upcoming pack is named Automatron and it will be priced at $9.99. A villain called The Mechanist has released a horde of killer robots to cause chaos in the Commonwealth. Your character's job is to find all the robots and blow them to bits. With the bits you collect, you can create your own mix-and-match companions.

The second pack is an add-on called the Wasteland Workshop. It's due sometime in April and will cost $4.99. The workshop allows you to build traps that you can use to capture either wildlife or NPCs. Once captured, you can create a deathmatch type scenario, or tame the wild creatures you caught. This pack also adds customization options for your settlement.

The final DLC is Far Harbor, which is slated for June and costs $24. 99. Taking on a case for Valentine's Detective Agency, your character will travel to the coast of Maine where you will encounter high radiation levels, a colony of synths, and the Children of Atom. Bethesda says there will also be a higher level armor and new weapons available in this expansion.

With the announcement of these three DLCs, Bethesda has announced the price of the season pass for the game will go up in price. Originally starting at $29.99, the new price will be $49.99 past March 1. Their reasoning is even more bundles for add-ons will be released in 2016.

If you already own the season pass, or purchase it before March 1, your price will stay at $29.99 so no worries there.

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